Server Info

Server Time: 10:31:18, 24.11.2020

Players Online: 14

Version 83
Experience Rate: 4x
Meso Rate: 3x
Drop Rate: 3x


♦ HD-Client
♦ Multi Client
♦ Max inventory upon character creation.
♦ Skill Balancing (click here for more)
♦ Daily GM Events
♦ Cash Items without timestamp
♦ Same-Sex Marriage​
♦ Minimized the need of HP Washing.  (Each player will gain extra HP/MP than usual).
♦ Reconnect in Boss Runs (Expeditions).
♦ Custom Content
♦ Leeching System
♦ Custom Maps
♦ Higher Version Content​
* Cosmetics from newer versions
* Cash Items from newer versions
* Maps from newer versions
♦ Gachapon Drops Globally from Mobs
♦ Custom Rank System (use @ranks in game).
♦ Custom Buyback System (use @buyback in game).
♦ Tradable Cash Items (also in stacks).
♦ Mapowner Claim Command (Acts as an anti KS. use @Mapowner in game).
♦ Enable or Disable Family Rep Points Appearance. (Use @Repdisplay in game).
♦ @whodrops Command.
♦ @whatdropsfrom Command.
♦ Obtaining NX Cards from Mini-Bosses
​♦ Custom 6K Nx Cards drops from several bosses
♦ Shanghai , Shaolin pre-quests
♦ Ulu2, Krexel Boss and Ulu Savior quests
♦ Lion King's Castle

Take a note that your accounts will not be wiped before the official launch.