Server Info

Server Time: 11:21:12, 24.11.2020

Players Online: 7

Version 83
Experience Rate: 4x
Meso Rate: 3x
Drop Rate: 3x


» Latest Update: 04-11-2020

HD Resolution
1st Download Option:
MapleRoad Download

2nd Download Option:
MapleRoad Download
Installation Steps:
1. Unpack the download. We recommend using WinRAR or WinZip.
2. Click and Install the `MapleRoad 04-11-2020.exe` file.
(Make sure to have the bin files at the same folder you've extracted the files to.)
3. Create an exception in your antivirus for MapleRoad folder to prevent the client from being removed.
1. Your computer doesn't support the HD Resolution? You'll be able to find a folder called "MapleRoad-800x600", Import & replace these files into main MapleRoad's Folder. And join via 800x600 Client.

2. Error: 'Unspecified error'. Adjust your monitor's refresh rate, it is recommended to play at 60hz.
3. Missing 'MSVCP1100.dll' or 'MSVCR110.dll'. Install Microsoft C++.
4. Run the client as administrator and Windows 7 compatibility if you have issues opening the client.
5. `CreateProcess failed; code 740` may appear after installation,
Don't worry. You'll be able to launch the game manually.